Networking & Systems Administration

What are the trends in network communications today? Unifying wired and wireless infrastructures? The Cloud? Scalability? Collaboration tools? Security? All of these and more! However, the trends can only be coalesced into reliable communication services if there are highly educated and technically proficient networking and system administration professionals who understand both traditional and emerging communications technologies as well as how to apply these technologies to organizational needs and opportunities.

The explosion in ubiquitous computing today means an increasing need for greater efficiency and for better management oversight in the provision of IT services. Network environments are not only becoming increasingly complex, there is a greater recognition of the power of information technology to be a strategic enabler of corporate growth and adaptation.

This program is designed to provide both the knowledge and the technical skills needed to successfully compete in this environment. It is uniquely focused to address current issues in networking and systems administration, through investigation of both the theoretical and the practical aspects of this continually evolving field. Thus it examines the organizational and the technological issues involved in enterprise scale networking including: emerging network technologies, network processing, high performance computing, network programming, and security.

The program is intended to prepare graduates to assume leadership positions in for-profit and not-for-profit organizations dealing with evolving networking solutions or to continue their education through the pursuit of advanced degrees. It is available for full- and part-time study in both an online format as well as a traditional campus setting.

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